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“Our CEO prioritized speaking with customers during churn” is something I hear over and over on customer discovery calls.

Here’s why its a bad idea.

Businesses primarily exist to serve customers. No customers, no business.

Yes, it can be difficult to get customers on the phone or to share feedback (especially in B2B) but I’ve seen this to be more of an issue at companies that haven’t earned the trust of their customers.

They haven’t invested in building relationships and acting on their feedback in a timely manner. They only reach out when its time to upsell or announce the next shiny feature. Companies that turn customers into loyalists or even ambassadors will always find it easier to get them on the phone and keep them happy.

Assuming that your customers, once won, are here to stay forever, is a mistake too many organizations make.

Customers are a goldmine of trust and potential expansion. Don’t wait until they’re about to leave before you understand their needs and deliver on their expectations.