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Actionable Customer Intelligence

Insight7 is creating a world where businesses can access critical customer insights instantly to drive innovation and achieve superior outcomes.

Who we are

Our founding team comprises talent from Shopify, Microsoft and other top tech companies who blend domain expertise in product development, big data and AI with industry expertise across software, healthcare, ecommerce and more.

Insight7 is a global company with people spread across 7 countries.

Odun Odubanjo

Odun Odubanjo

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Advisors

Randy Knaflic

Randy Knaflic

Ex-VP of People at SpaceX, Google & Jawbone

Farhana Alarakhiya

Farhana Alarakhiya

Chief Data Officer at Aga Khan University.
Ex-VP Product Shopify & IBM

Lilia Shirman

Lilia Shirman

Partner at West Coast Equity.
Ex-CMO MariaDB

Elo Umeh

Elo Umeh

Founder & CEO Terragon

Maia Benson

Maia Benson

Managing Director at Forum Ventures. Ex-Head of Logistics, Shopify

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Forum Ventures

Our Approach

Data Security

Our platform is secure by design to ensure customer data is protected from unintended access. We are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant. Learn more about our data privacy policy.


We believe AI should assist and accelerate human judgment not replace it.

AI Safety

Our platform is governed by safety principles such as not training our models on   customer data for our use or for other customers.

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