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For individuals just getting started


What’s included in Starter?

  • 1 user
  • 3 document analysis
  • 1 project analysis
  • 3 hours of automated transcription
  • Live chat and email support
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For small teams seeking more usage


What’s included in Pro?

  • Up to 3 users
  • 10 document analysis per user
  • 5 project analysis per user
  • 10 hours of automated transcription per user
  • 5 report downloads
  • Live chat and email support
  • Free trial available
  • 50% discount available for startups < 1 year
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For larger teams seeking to unlock customer insights


What’s included in Business?

  • Up to 12 users
  • 10 document analysis per user
  • 5 project analysis per user
  • 10 hours of automated transcription per user
  • Unlimited report downloads
  • 3 feedback channel integrations
  • Unlimited channels weekly insights notification
  • Dedicated support and onboarding
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For enterprise organizations leveraging insights at scale

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What’s included in Enterprise?

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited document analysis
  • Unlimited project analysis
  • Unlimited hours of automated transcription
  • Unlimited report downloads
  • Unlimited feedback channel integrations
  • Unlimited channels weekly insights notification
  • Dedicated support and onboarding
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We've been using Insight7 to save us time doing analysis because we don't have the time to. I've been feeding in a lot of the feedback we've been getting through sales calls, conversations, and emails and it's been a great input into the product roadmap and helped us better address people's problems.
The service has been excellent.

Daniel PatricioCEO, Abra

I was able to analyze customer calls I had using Insight7 and I did find it valuable! I loved how it showed the sentiment behind each comment that the client made.

Tobi OluwoleCo-Founder, 3Skills

Insight7 is a game-changer for qualitative user research. I seriously think it has the potential to save hundreds of UX researchers busy-work.

Amitay GilboaCEO at Podiz

Insight7 is indeed a very unique product. As a former marketer who used to spend hours compiling market research report data, I find it super Intriguing.

Floria VisinescuStaff Product Designer at Shopify

Insight7 is super powerful. It is a solution to a huge problem, it can literally help teams save time in discovering product market fit.

Porush PuriProduct Manager at Cove Identity

This is a lot especially for product teams. Strong integrations with video call transcription services where you interview a lot of different customers and can derive some awesome insights without having all of the manual overhead.

Christopher RiesCo-founder at SphereOne

We currently organize all of our feedback in google docs and sheets. It's very difficult to summarize high feedback volume yet it's so important.I love this concept

Michelle DearCo-founder at Tandem

Before we started using Insight7, we manually analyzed user feedback. It was time-consuming and limited our ability to quickly iterate on our product based on user feedback. With Insight7, the time spent on this process has been cut in half. Insight7's ability to seamlessly extract product insights and generate reports has made our process much more efficient

Toye FatoluProduct Designer, Terragon Group


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What is Insight7?

Insight7 is an AI-powered customer intelligence tool that helps product, marketing and research teams unlock product insights from customer conversations. It is used to automate the customer research workflow by analyzing customer feedback and generating insights such as pain points, desires, behaviors and sentiments from the data. It helps teams identify top opportunities, priorities and gives recommendations in order to make higher-quality product decisions faster.

Do I need a credit card to use the free plan?

Yes. You need to put in a credit card to use the free plan. However, you will not be billed until your free trial period is over and if your subscription wasn’t canceled.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like, however we do not offer refunds for a billing period you’ve already paid for.

What happens after I use up my free plan credits?

You will have access to all the data you have stored in Insight7 in read-only mode. To analyze more data, you would have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Why do I need the Insight7 repository when I capture my insights in other tools?

Our insight repository removes the pain from using Google sheets and other workflow tools such as Miro, Asana and Trello for storing and accessing insights. Our repository software enables teams to do things that are not possible with other tools such as:

  • Ability to quickly turn information into insights with built-for-purpose tooling e.g tagging, highlighting and report generation.
  • Ability to collaborate with others on insights gathered. E.g share, get feedback, collaboratively make data-informed decisions
  • Ability to persist data for the future. Say goodbye to losing insights gathered over time for reasons such as teammates leaving.

What tools does Insight7 integrate with?

Customer feedback collection apps and tools like Hubspot, Gong, Zendesk, Intercom, Google Drive, Slack and Discord can be connected to Insight7 to pull in customer data for analysis.

Who can view insights or reports?

Members of an organization can view all insights in their teammates’ projects under ‘Team Projects”. However, they cannot be edited or analyzed by anyone else other than the owner of the project.

Is Insight7 SOC 2 compliant?

Yes. We have met all requirements to ensure we securely manage your data to protect the interests of your organization and the privacy of your clients.

Is Insight7 GDPR compliant?

Yes, we have followed global privacy and security standards for data collection, storage and retrieval to ensure compliance with GDPR. Link to GDPR page

What data does Insight7 store and where is it stored?

We ask users to provide their name and email address to set up accounts on Insight7. While using our solution, users will store data from customer interviews, surveys, etc such as text, audio, video, or any other files.

We store data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) who is our primary infrastructure provider.

How do I contact Insight7?

You can reach out to us with any additional questions at