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Insight7 Careers

Join the global team helping companies make better decisions using customer insights

We are truly excited you are here and we are looking forward to meeting you. Our team is made up of passionate people from diverse backgrounds unified under one mission – to help companies achieve their potential through the power of customer insights.

At Insight7, we value employees who contribute to our growth while also finding personal fulfillment in their work. We are a fully remote company and offer competitive benefits that help keep everyone focused on our mission.

Make great decisions quickly:
We believe in moving fast and making bold decisions, but never at the expense of integrity or quality. We encourage our people to act autonomously while staying aligned with our company goals

Act like an owner:
We are all owners and we take that responsibility seriously. This means we take responsibility for actions, are accountable for results, and take a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Be obsessed about creating customer value:
As a customer insights company, we place a strong emphasis on creating customer value. This means going above and beyond to understand and meet the needs of our customers, and constantly striving to improve their experience.

Team wins over solo wins:
Collaboration and teamwork are central to our work and culture. We believe that great things are achieved through working together. This means putting the needs of the team and the company above individual goals, and supporting one another to achieve shared objectives.

Assume positive intent:
We encourage everyone on our team to assume positive intent in all interactions. This means assuming that others have good intentions, even in challenging situations, and approaching conversations and problem-solving from a place of empathy and understanding.

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Stock optionsĀ 
  • Fully remote work opportunity
  • Financial support for setting up a home office
  • Vacation time of 20-days minus public holidays
  • Flexible work hours
  • Periodic team events and retreats to foster social connections
  • Opportunities for professional growth through mentorship, education, and coaching
  • A mission-driven company culture

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