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Accelerate Legal Strategy and Discovery

Streamline your legal workflow with structured insights from depositions, interviews, case research, and discovery materials to enhance arguments and accelerate case preparation timelines.
Image depicting Insight7's data security measures
Secure Data and Quality Transcription
Get accurate legal transcription tailored for the industry with multilingual support, customizable output formats, PII redaction capabilities, and robust compliance controls protecting your sensitive case data.
Comprehensive Case Intelligence
Gain comprehensive case intelligence by extracting relevant precedents and authoritative citations, synthesizing evidence from depositions and discovery.
Image showing Insight7's powerful search/query capabilities
Image depicting insight7's Advanced Research tool - The Research Matrix. Its a spreadsheet that automatically extracts information from multiple documents at once.
Strategic Data Interrogation
Formulate strategies through strategic data interrogation, leveraging AI-generated summaries across all case materials and a conversational interface to extract deeper implications.
Remove bias
Identify speakers
No hallucinations
No prompting

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