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Accelerate Insight Delivery for Consulting Engagements

Streamline your consulting workflow with purpose-built features to extract structured insights from client interviews, expert calls, and internal discussions.
AI Copilot for Consultants
Leverage AI to synthesize and interrogate comprehensive insights across all interview and quantitative data, extracting deeper thematic meanings through a conversational interface.
Client-Ready Transcripts and Insights
Leverage industry-leading transcription tailored for consultants, combined with AI capabilities to automatically generate high-quality transcripts, call notes, and key takeaways in real-time.
Image Showing Insight7's transcription service
Image showing Insight7's powerful search/query capabilities
Powerful Search and Quote Management
Spend less time manually searching transcripts. insight7’s turbocharged semantic search understands context and synonyms, surfacing relevant quotes effortlessly.
Remove bias
Identify speakers
No hallucinations
No prompting

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