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Our Story

Insight7 was founded on the premise that all businesses and teams seek to improve the quality and speed of their decision-making.

Our founding team comprises of repeat entrepreneurs who have over the course of their careers invested in customer and product discovery to identify and build things people want.

Over various ventures and projects, we have experienced first hand the frustration around insights informing key product and business decisions being stuck in docs, slides and spreadsheets. We created Insight7 to fix it.

At Insight7, we believe in the power of insights to help businesses make great decisions quickly and confidently.

Our mission is to create a world where businesses can access critical market and customer insights instantly, enabling them to achieve better outcomes and thrive on change.

We are committed to providing solutions that help our clients overcome the challenges of data-driven decision making.

–   Make great decisions quickly
–   Act like an owner
–   Be obsessed about creating customer value
–   Team wins over solo wins
–   Assume positive intent