Insight7 automates customer insights from Gong, Gmail, Salesforce & Hubspot to drive your product roadmap and marketing content.

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The Customer Insights platform for B2B companies

Put your customer feedback to work – aggregate, analyze and activate customer insights to power your Product and GTM.

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Understand customers deeply

  • Record, transcribe, analyze and attribute customer interviews
  • Extract product themes from multiple customer interviews
  • Understand customer profiles and journeys from pain points
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Customer Interview Trascript
AI Generated Content

Market to customers effectively

  • Identify unique needs of customer accounts, segments & personas
  • Turn customer conversations into product messaging, case studies and testimonials
  • Create Buyer Personas and Customer Journey maps from feedback
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Extracting Insights from Customer Conversations

For Product & Startups

Accelerate product discovery

Automate analysis of customer insights to surface high-impact features that matter to customers

Extract Insights from your data

For Marketing

Turn customer signals into growth

Power content, messaging, ad copies and more with critical customer insights across customer segments

Extract Insights for Revenue Operations

For Revenue Operations

Scale revenue with product intelligence

Consolidates customer insights across channels to unlock win/loss, churn, and upsell opportunities that drive revenue and reduce churn

Customer data sources


Upload existing customer data such as customer interviews, surveys or connect channels like Gong, Salesforce & Hubspot. Formats supported include docx, csv, pdf, mp3 and mp4.

Visualisation of Customer Insights


Identify and segment critical customer insights relating to your product across your feedback sources.

Transform Insights into Marketing Assets


Apply insights to prioritize features, engage customers and generate relevant marketing messaging and assets

Secure by design

Enterprise grade security

Security and customer privacy is our priority at every step
of the engineering process.

  • 256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption
  • Security logging, uptime monitoring, and system availability metrics
  • Coding practices based on the OWASP Top Ten
  • Penetration tests by security experts
  • Regular impact assessments

SOC 2 Type II compliant

Service Organization Control Report

GDPR compliant

General Data Protection Regulation

Insight7 is now a Google Cloud Partner

We've been using Insight7 to save us time doing analysis because we don't have the time to. I've been feeding in a lot of the feedback we've been getting through sales calls, conversations, and emails and it's been a great input into the product roadmap and helped us better address people's problems.
The service has been excellent.

Daniel PatricioCEO, Abra

I was able to analyze customer calls I had using Insight7 and I did find it valuable! I loved how it showed the sentiment behind each comment that the client made.

Tobi OluwoleCo-Founder, 3Skills

Insight7 is a game-changer for qualitative user research. I seriously think it has the potential to save hundreds of UX researchers busy-work.

Amitay GilboaCEO at Podiz

Insight7 is indeed a very unique product. As a former marketer who used to spend hours compiling market research report data, I find it super Intriguing.

Floria VisinescuStaff Product Designer at Shopify

Insight7 is super powerful. It is a solution to a huge problem, it can literally help teams save time in discovering product market fit.

Porush PuriProduct Manager at Cove Identity

This is a lot especially for product teams. Strong integrations with video call transcription services where you interview a lot of different customers and can derive some awesome insights without having all of the manual overhead.

Christopher RiesCo-founder at SphereOne

We currently organize all of our feedback in google docs and sheets. It's very difficult to summarize high feedback volume yet it's so important.I love this concept

Michelle DearCo-founder at Tandem

Before we started using Insight7, we manually analyzed user feedback. It was time-consuming and limited our ability to quickly iterate on our product based on user feedback. With Insight7, the time spent on this process has been cut in half. Insight7's ability to seamlessly extract product insights and generate reports has made our process much more efficient

Toye FatoluProduct Designer, Terragon Group

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