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The easiest way to analyze customer expert patient employee stakeholder |
At scale.

Insight7 automatically analyzes collections of
interviews in video, audio, or text for accurate
insights that power high-quality decisions
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How it Works

Image showing data being pulled from different sources into Insight7
  • Upload interview recordings or transcripts
  • Import data from channels (Google Meet/Drive, Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint, Zoom, Gong and more)
  • Integrate APIs to sync data from your tech stack
Image showing a visualization of analysis performed using insight7
  • Extract insights and quotes, ask questions or chat with documents
  • Customize insight categories to match your project goals
  • Use pre-built templates to analyze projects in one click
Image showing Insight7's Research Matrix. An analysis tool for comparing data in different transcripts. It is a grid of files questions asked across each file.
  • Publish reports for clients and stakeholders
  • Generate journey maps from insights across use cases 
  • Generate content from insights for marketing and sales
  • Export insight cards to tools like Miro
Remove bias
Identify speakers
No hallucinations
No prompting
Secure by design
Enterprise grade security
Security and customer privacy is our priority at

every step of the engineering process.
256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption
Security logging, uptime monitoring, and system availability metrics
Coding practices based on the OWASP Top Ten
Penetration tests by security experts
Regular impact assessments
SOC 2 Type II
Service Organization Control Report
General Data ProtectionRegulation

Product capabilities

Compare Transcripts
  • Use our research matrix to ask questions and get specific responses from each of your transcripts
  • Generate powerful visualizations and reports to communicate insights and drive stakeholder buy-in
Analyze Transcripts at Scale
  • Extract key themes and insights across volumes of interviews in seconds vs hours
  • Identify friction points and opportunities across the end-to-end customer journey to improve satisfaction
  • Analyze employee conversations to uncover drivers of engagement, retention, and performance
Chat with Transcripts
  • Have a conversational chat with your transcripts 
to identify insights
  • Generate powerful visualizations and reports to communicate insights and drive stakeholder buy-in
Transcribe Video/Audio Files At Scale
  • Transcribe and analyze conversations from feedback sessions & support interactions at scale
  • Create custom vocabularies to accurately transcribe conversations despite technical terminology and audio quality challenges.
  • Customize insight categories and taxonomies to align with specific business goals & metrics

Insight7 is perfect for...

Accelerate qualitative analysis
Harness the power of AI to accelerate your research and drive impactful discoveries.
Sales & Marketers
Boost sales & marketing effectiveness
Uncover needs and preferences from prospect & customer calls to grow revenue.
Anchor recommendations on deep insights
Elevate client service with AI analysis that uncovers hidden insights for decision-making.
CX Professionals
Optimize customer journeys
Leverage conversations to identify friction points and opportunities across journeys.
Streamline data analysis
Identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in conversations and feedback.
Develop strategic plans
Gain a competitive edge by analyzing conversations and identifying emerging trends.

What our users are saying...

Remove bias
Identify speakers
No hallucinations
No prompting
Unlock Insights from
Interviews 10x faster

How it works